HAMSPHERE 4.0 – HAM Radio Thirst – Get the download link to a U/V/HF reality

Dear HS community! Dear friends!

Let’s jump immediately onto Hamsphere 4.0 issues.

Here is an official announcement by Mr. Kelly Lindman himself, on how to approach closer to HS 4.0 and naturally get yourself into this real-SW/HF internet platform (IMO. The best HF-band ham-radio operational platform ever made, still using the whole of Internet network for the Good of HAM radio educational purposes)

Founder and inventor, Kelly, 5B4AIT / SM7NHC, says (August 29, 4:51pm):

          “Request your HamSphere 4.0 software…”

Let’s do so or let’s not?!?!

Upon my 20-year HAM OP experience, I would say this: whoever thus ever thought of becoming radio-amateur carrying the light of HAM spirit deep inside, this is a very standpoint which from one will see in clear whether really desires virtues skills, good and bad times of this hobby or it was only temporary idea that was ever not meant to get accomplished.

Nevertheless, one is to get clear and true with oneself – HAM RADIO OP. or NOT, after all.

HAMSPHERE 4.0 is the right best and last place in the world for everyone to check this quest. Some of us will get the most out of this “product” and therefore we pay for its services; this is a real copy-righted materialized idea which we can use forever and more (IMO. as long and while existence of ham radio movement and earth’s ionosphere).
Some of us will use this idea for the best possible training International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and its ITU Radio–communication Sector requires. Some of us will get back to the roots – 3.0 version keeping there the basic principles of HAM radio-communication..
And some of us will find this all hard times and quit.

Open up to truth, truth to oneself and find answers about HAM spirited radio-amateur in yourself.

If I hadn’t had such a Teacher to inspire and lead my radio-amateur Will to grow high, these perfectly simulated versions of HAM radio HF world (as from the ver. 1.0 till present 4.0 moment) would have been my leading guide towards first class OP license I hold for decades.

My first 2-way qso was completed on band of 80 mtrs, with TX Icom-745, and one 5/8 wave-lenght vertical ant, pretty much the same one as IDC vertical HS4.0 gives us to begin the operation..

In short,  for WIN sys users

1. go to this page http://hs4.hamsphere.com/download or this one http://hs40.hamsphere.com/download 

2. you need to be logged in of course
3. scroll down to bottom o the page and set your coordinates if it s not already set
4. when coordinates set agree and start download or your system (windows or mac)
5. when it s downloaded you will have hamsphere4.0.0.5.EXE file
6. RUN this EXE file and installation begins..it will finish quickly
7. you will get new radio-panel screen, LOGIN there and turn your transceiver on TRANSCEIVER button
8. POWER wheel to MAX
9. MIC wheel to 9-12 o’clock
10. RF GAIN to MAX
11. it s set now to work.. just check on right side of panel if right audio devices selected (red and green – speakers and mic)
12. Make qsl card for HS4 on this page http://hs4.hamsphere.com/qsledit.php

13. When supplied with the link, install the platform, and do necessary updates if available
14. TX = Within platform, we get high-class all-band all-modes Transceiver
15. RX = TX provided with great multiband 160-10m IDC vertical antenna by default
16. Watch the real propagation maps, hang on VOCAP page, look for MUF
17. share share share share while making 2-way 2way 2-way (qso)

XXLV. Cherish The Code of Conduit if you are real one OP with HAM spirit


Sincerely yours,


Branko Ilic – Manu

(HS memeber as of Oct. 5, 2008)

YU4DX www.qrz.com/yu4dx

ex. 4N1CW



For I see things highly evolved here, I feel obliged to call my fellows to a place which I consider the highest point of Hamsphere so far, and as told before, I was being here from its version 1.
THIS IS NOT A PRELUDE FOR HS 4.0 nor its developers need my speech here, THIS letter is for all of us always thirsty of HAM radio..
By these words, I wanted to point HAM THIRST slakes out on HS 4.0, driving HAM passion into a half-way open doors to a real HAM radio.

Best 73′s sk tu ee



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